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Speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and his professional dancing partner Julianne Hough won Dancing with the Stars' fourth season. So now we're all wondering if the relationship between Ohno and Hough will continue outside of professional dancing. Ohno claims, at least for now, that they are just friends...

Real victory is in arriving at the finish line with no regrets. You go with heart, with excitement and enthusiasm, with soul. That makes me, they say, the most decorated American in Winter Games history. It’s especially humbling when you consider how it all started. The world was watching, kids especially were watching, and it is so important to handle yourself—no matter the situation—with class and with grace.

This is just some of what I have learned from my father—what he taught me and then what I have learned by and for myself. It is more important to be a champion off the field than on; that’s what resonates with me.

See full bio on IMDb » Olympic champion -- and Subway spokesperson -- Apolo Ohno says Jared Fogle's child pornography scandal definitely rocked the company to its core ... After a kickboxing session on Sunday, the 30-year-old Olympian tweeted a… and tells TMZ he's not even the slightest bit worried about the massive security issues going down…

READ MORE He's the most decorated American Winter Olympian of all time, but Apolo Ohno proved he's a contender in summertime activities too by showing off his medal-winning smooth, shirtless chest in Hawaii…

I knew to a certainty that if I pushed myself too hard on the treadmill, I would suffer the next day. So I would say to myself, too: Forget about tomorrow. This path in the pursuit of victory within the Olympic Games was one that I took on occasion to the utmost extreme. I was ahead, sprinting for the finish line; here was my first Olympic medal, and it was going to be gold.

School, business, academics, love—anything and everything. Such strength did not come from my physical self; it started within the depths of my mind. When I was just fourteen, I was invited to train with a junior national team developmental program all the way across the country in Lake Placid, New York. It wouldn’t have solved anything to look around and wonder who had caused the crash and start playing the blame game.The average GSN viewer watches 11 hours of programming per week.GSN CEO David Goldhill also says his company is a "bit unusual" in that it's in two businesses -- the TV one as well as selling digital games that leverage the company's brands on multiple platforms. I didn’t want to think back about my day and think, Yes, Apolo, that was good enough.That severe shift in your mental approach—the “shift of mechanism”—was so incredibly important in creating victory, regardless of whether I would end up standing on the podium or not. My dad drove me around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, to Vancouver. The first thing to do was to get myself together and get across the line—to win silver.

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