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He was disappointed when he didn’t find Nino on their bed, in the bathroom, in the guest room or anywhere in their apartment. He usually reminded Ohno to eat breakfast or put on sun block to prevent him from being too tanned after days fishing on the ocean.Ohno sat on the couch, feeling exhausted and confused and dialed Nino’s number, but the latter’s phone was probably off because all Ohno could hear was a disconnected tone.Kazu played that song in front of thousands people, but I know that you sang it for me.” Ohno spoke softly and dropped his chin on Nino’s shoulder. “I want to treasure the moment when I felt that I was loved by Kazu.” Ohno turned Nino’s body to face him. No, they were not using the glass room that Aiba reserved. ” “Well…” Eight hours before, right after Jun found out that Ohno forgot Nino’s birthday again, he arranged an emergency meeting at Johnny’s Agency, minus Nino.“You made me feel so special.” Nino could felt the tears that started to build in his eyes, but being the brat that he was, he would never want people to see him in this situation, so he held his tears. His hands were still holding Nino’s wrists tightly, and he looked at Nino with a loving expression. I would never do that to you.” “Let’s leave them.” Sho ordered the other members and made his way down the corridor when he heard Jun’s scream. Ohno thought it wasn’t a wise idea, since they already making too much trouble at the hospital. ” Nino responded enthusiastically, pinching his leader’s cheeks eagerly, “But come on! They discussed a plan to get Nino out from his hideout in their green room.Smiling widely, knowing that he was forgiven, Ohno lifted Nino’s head and cupped his cheek. “Then we have to think about something to get that brat come back home without making any fuss to the media.” Jun voiced his thoughts sternly, “Then I can go to the meeting in peace.” “Concerts, albums, singles, television shows, and photo shoots, ne?He stroked Nino’s jaw line carefully before placing a chaste kiss to Nino’s lips. ” Aiba proudly listed what Jun was about to say, cutting the younger man off halfway and earning him rolling eyes.

Other themes and subjects on Ohno’s work include the relationship between nature and ritual or manmade objects, and the fluid boundaries of gender.

“Tadaima…” Ohno spoke slowly as he entered the apartment, hoping that he would find a thin figure lying on the couch waiting for him, playing a wii and greeting him with a warm welcome, as per usual. He opened the door carefully, afraid that he would wake Nino up if he made too much noise. ” Ohno suddenly realized that something wrong definitely happened, because it was so unlike Nino not to send him any messages while Ohno was out fishing.

” Ohno called softly as he walked into their bedroom, hoping that he would find Nino there.

The other man turned his head to meet Jun’s firm expression. Jun lowered his tone and spoke his response like he was talking to a five year-old boy. His band mates were actors, even though they weren’t any better than him, but still they could act. ” Nino’s voice sounded hesitant and he looked at the other people there with a worried look. He started to panic because Ohno’s mom had started to whimper and cry uncontrollably. Ohno might be paralyzed, Ohno might stay in a coma forever and , Ohno might die. Please don't do this to me.” Nino pleaded to the figure who slept peacefully on the hospital bed.

“The party that you planned to celebrate Nino’s birthday. From his hoarse voice, Nino could tell that Jun had been crying not too long ago. It was a piece of cake for them to pretend to look sad and miserable, but Ohno’s parents and sister - they wouldn’t agree to this kind of prank. Nino held Ohno’s hand and the older man’s fingers were as cold as ice.

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As they let their gaze wander to the door, they saw Nino’s personal manager: face flushed, ragged breath and definitely looking so annoyed. ” That was the only thing that Nino’s manager said before he left again, leaving all four members with their confusion and shock at the sudden scene.

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  1. Consequently, the University has established the following parameters regarding sexual or romantic relationships with Stanford students: First, because of the relative youth of undergraduates and their particular vulnerability in such relationships, sexual or romantic relationships between teachers and undergraduate students are prohibited – regardless of current or future academic or supervisory responsibilities for that student.