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But I believe that nonviolence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly than punishment, forgiveness adorns a soldier.

Unorthodox though he might be, Gandhi fitted into the traditional pattern of the sanyassi who practices non‑attachment in the search for Truth; he was the karma yogin, the man who perfects and purifies himself through action.

As Valentine's Day is coming, Fry asks Leela out, but she refuses.

Amy wants to take out her new car to Mercury, and Fry decides to go with her.

Only Amy's date is taking a satisfactory course, as both Petunia and Sal (and every other date in the room Bender arranged) have to catch their bus - it turns up Bender rounded up his candidates at a bus station to take a bus to Nutley.

Now Gary and Amy are planning to get busy in a more private fashion, which is a horrifying thought for Fry.

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for the world's most isolated and poorest children by giving each child a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop; and software tools and content designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning.

OLPC has produced XO laptops for more than 2 million children around the world, the majority of them in Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda, Haiti, Australia, Mongolia and the United States.

Victor: Hi, I am Victor, and I know many things about unloading cars on beautiful women.

If India adopted the doctrine of love as an active part of her religion and introduced it in her politics, Swaraj would descend upon India from heaven.

But I am painfully aware that that event is far off as yet.

"Put Your Head on My Shoulders" is the twentieth episode of Futurama, the seventh of the second production season and the tenth of the second broadcast season. After a romantic picnic trip between Amy and Fry (and Dr.

Zoidberg) ends in tragedy, Fry's head is attached to Amy's shoulder.

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