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When Meissner came on the scene this season, Cameran Eubanks had it in her mind that she was going to get Meissner together with co-star Shep Rose.

One fun thing to note about season four is that there’s a new maniac on the show.

cast and she made it to the Final Three on the show, but she did not win.

At the time of the show, Meissner was not a hairdresser like she is now and she was in medical sales, according to CBS.

” at Craig, who might be his actual son because that would explain a lot.

Maybe they should do that 23 and Me DNA testing just to be sure. by an appalled Cameran Eubanks, who had to walk through a drunken zombie apocalypse of a kitchen to get to him. ,” she says in the saddest voice she’s used yet on the show.

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