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Complaint by Yuichiro Sakurai against Fresco International Corporation, Toshico Yamaguchi, Tsuneo Hisenaga, Defense Labor Aero, Corporation.

The bishop and knight checkmate in chess is the checkmate of a lone king which can be forced by a bishop, knight, and king. The winning procedure consists of making the king move so that the bishop can reach the hypotenuse of the next smaller triangle (Pandolfini 20ff).

His "second triangle" or "middle triangle" occurs also in the analysis of play with the king in the corner of opposite colour to the bishop shown in Fine (1941:4), as well as in Philidor's analysis (see below). Checkmate can be forced without using either method to complete the mate. Chamitoff brought a chessboard with him to the orbital complex on the space shuttle in June.Aboard the station, he is supported by control centers at sites around the world -- including Houston, Moscow, Japan and Germany.He learned chess from his father and played throughout most of his childhood.He said this “ultimate” chess match was a way to build camaraderie and team spirit with the flight control teams which support the station around the clock.

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For more than a thousand years, the game of chess and its predecessors have been played on park tables, in homes, at schools and, in modern times, even on television and in arenas as a spectator sport.

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