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The work was more than a coming-of-age story: another part of the novel reflected racial prejudices in the South.Their attorney father, Atticus Finch, tries to help a black man who has been charged with raping a white woman to get a fair trial and to prevent him from being lynched by angry whites in a small town.Serving as his research assistant, Lee helped with the interviews, eventually winning over some of the locals with her easygoing, unpretentious manner.Truman, with his flamboyant personality and style, had a hard time initially getting himself into his subjects' good graces.Truman was living with his mother's relatives in town after largely being abandoned by his own parents.In high school, Lee developed an interest in English literature.

She did make a greater attempt at a social life there, joining a sorority for a while.The demands of her law studies forced her to leave her post as editor.After her first year in the program, Lee began expressing to her family that writing—not the law—was her true calling.She went to Oxford University in England that summer as an exchange student.Returning to her law studies that fall, Lee dropped out after the first semester.

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