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If one of these repositories is the only database on a server, that server does not have to be licensed. Let's get one thing out of the way: Standard Edition and Standard Edition One CAN NOT use any add-on or Management Pack features (except RAC for SE).But if the server or those databases are used for any custom or other Oracle purpose, they must be licensed. That means you can't even buy Diagnostics Pack for Oracle SE. Based on licensing requirements, AWR/ASH/ADDM are completely off limits on an SE or SE1 database.These systems are configured for disaster recovery purposes.If the primary database fails, the standby database is activated to act as the new primary database.Taking the options into account, the software cost per CPU would be US 0,000.For the2 Node RAC, that would come to be(2 nodes) x (4 CPU) x US0,000=US0,000.

The price change only effects the "multi core" processors, and the article discusses the formulas used: Multicore processors pack more than one processing unit, or core, on a piece of silicon.

That means 4 Quad-Core CPUs (16 cores) would equal 16 * 0.75 = 12 licenses.

You would purchase 12 EE licenses to cover the server, and then purchase 12 licenses of whatever add-ons or management packs you might be using.

All fractions of a number are to be rounded up to the next whole number.

Upon 45 days written notice, Oracle may audit your use of the programs.

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