Creationist claims carbon dating

The vast spectrum of living creatures would require septillions of transitional forms. He designed and programmed them to adapt to different conditions. They define all old-earth views as "evolutionary" and imply that an old-earth view cannot be authentically Christian.They ignore the important differences between three questions (when, how, who) and use "when" to define the answer to all three.But the actual situation is not this simple, as you can see in THREE VIEWS OF CREATION.For all age-questions, "Is young-earth belief an essential part of Christian theology? They make assumptions and present them as scientific proof for evolution. The useful to prove evolution is a biological record of transitional and transmutational forms. In the early, heady days of evolutionary theory, evolutionists argued scientific facts supported evolution. As a result, to preserve the myth, evolutionists increasingly rely on propaganda, intimidation, and law courts to impose their will. When evolutionists present scientific facts they are facts which are useless in proving evolution. As more scientific investigation in the life sciences has occurred, scientific evidence for evolution has become increasingly elusive.

But proponents of young-earth theories challenge the evaluations that lead to old-earth conclusions.Evolutionists claim the fossil record shows that the simplest fossils are found in the oldest rocks and a smooth and gradual transition exists from one form of life to another. But fossils are regularly found “out-of-place” in the geologic column. And beyond human history, the fossil record confirms this. The first chapter of Genesis records God’s declaration that He created animal life after their kind (Genesis 1.20-25). No transitional forms will ever be found because God did not design life in this manner. One who will not believe Moses is unlikely to believe the words of Jesus, who has the words of eternal life (John 6.68). Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed (Romans 10.11).

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