Dating a rock star

You never want to dump him."Tell us readers: do you date creative types?

"It's heartbreaking, because he's so perfect otherwise.

Packed to the brim with playlists, pop quizzes, and other fun stuff, it's an anthropological guide to 10 types of musician dudes and what makes them tick.

(And trust us, Erin knows: She's dated a number of them.) A book that takes itself less seriously than the typical "will I ever find my soulmate?

I'm very independent and more financially stable than he is (he lives paycheck to paycheck, devoting himself to making it in the music business). Do I stir up male attention to balance the adoration my man gets? John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, etc., have canceled tours because of lackluster ticket sales; and the competition between spanking-new 23-year-old and prehistoric 33-year-old musicians for local groupies is even more brutal.

Thus, statistics say you'll have no reason to feel "insecure," because soon enough the young ladies will stop showing up at your man's gigs. Viz: When will you grow bored with the old fellow and move on to a hot-out-of-the-garage Jonas?

And how many years must you mature before you consider a man who can actually buy you dinner?

People will hit on them after shows and you will usually be there watching it happen.

This guy goes to see every Judd Apatow movie the day it opens, Erin writes, not getting that he's watching a big-screen depiction of his personality flaws. If he could just grow the heck up, he'd be the perfect guy.

Evan, I’m one of those smart, career-oriented, busy women. Keyboard player and I ended up crashing with friends. We talked for hours, cooked extravagant meals, and slept on our respective cots… The analytical side of me says this feels too good to be true.

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