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Once considered "junk jewelry," vintage Lisner pieces have only recently become collectible.

This will be part one, and hopefully, I should have parts two and three from what I already own, and, maybe get lucky at the flea market again this year to even post parts four and five in the future!

Please excuse any "foggy head" typos as I muck my way through this with a fever...

The Coro Jewelry Company was established in 1901, by partners Emanuel Cohen and Gerald Rosenberg, and the company’s first name was Cohen and Rosenberg.

In 1943, Cohen and Rosenberg incorporated and the company’s named changed to Coro (“Co” for the first two letters in Cohen’s name and “ro” for the first two in Rosenberg’s name.) Coro was a successful company, in part because Cohen and Rosenberg worked with highly skilled designers to finesse the designs, and an army of workers who actually produced the jewelry.

One of the best sets of print resources for dating costume jewelry I have found is the Collecting Costume Jewelry 101, 202 and 303 series from Julia C. She has fabulous photos, details, reprinted advertisements and history of styles, manufacturers, trends and more.In the 1990s, collectors realized that the clever shapes and bright colors of the company's cheaply made plastic leaves and baubles possessed a unique beauty.For nearly 30 years after its 1904 founding, Lisner imported and sold Elsa Schiaparelli's Parisian jewelry in the United States.Sometimes only one piece of a set like the one above from Richelieu was marked, so, you may find just the unmarked piece without a mate and have difficulty identifying it unless you find it in a print ad.Also, they are just useful to reference as the styles of the jewelry and treatments of one maker can often help you identify a trend or style to help date a piece from another maker.

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