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Also, make sure that the two of you are alone to have some privacy during this exciting moment, with no distractions or interruptions. Guy Gets Girl You can usually tell by how well the date is going.

Before you can get the beautiful girl, you have to make the girl you love, fall in love with you. If there was flirting involved and a sense of romance or passion in the date, then by all means go for it.

That especially happens when one person didn't realize it was enjoyable to kiss a certain way until they tried it with that person.

" Of course the other person will know what to expect but it's not very romantic.

Just doing it is the best and most romantic way of having the first kiss.

Then give them a gentle, lingering, close-mouthed kiss.

An even more romantic approach is to cup their face in your hands. Once your lips have touched the other person's lips then give it a few seconds and end the kiss.

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