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One physical monument he has left to our day is the crypt at Hexham.It gives us some idea of his great buildings at York and Ripon, which would have inspired generations of Christians.Along Hadrian’s wall you have evidence of all the religious life that was current in Rome at that time, quite substantial Mithraic temple remains, as well as Christian elements. A case can be made for each of the three dates, as there was an early Christian persecution in the 220’s, then the 251 Decian persecutions centered in northern Africa, followed by Diocletian’s.

Theodore of Canterbury Study Centre, running theology courses that lead to University of Wales [Lampeter] qualifications. Without Bede, ‘the first scientific genius of the Germanic people,’ as R. Southern calls him, we would, of course, know very little about any of them.

RTE: Before we delve into the world of Venerable Bede and St.

Wilfrid, perhaps we should begin at an earlier point.

The notion of an Orthodox Celtic Christianity co-existing in pre-schism England alongside a more “continental” model has been embraced by quite a number of Orthodox believers over the past decades.

Who were the original peoples we think of as Celts, and where did they live? JOHN: As I understand it, the term “Celtic” was first used in the eighteenth century to refer to language groups.

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