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DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Your new AB babysitter Janira is reading you a story when she notices a yucky smell... She comes closer & takes a big whiff to realize that you made a #2 in your pampers! She puts a nice clean thick disposable on your tushy, giving you cute baby talk the whole time of course.

it's natural for babies to mess in their diaper since they can't hold it and she teases you lovingly about what a big mess you made, what a stinker you are.

DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW You're in your adult sized wooden crib sleeping & sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!!

The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. First she checks if you're sick by putting a thermometer up your butt!

Then she knows you're embaressed but turned on so she helps rub your diaper until you make cummies.

DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Mommy Lynn is a sexy busty milf who is a very sweet, soft and loving AB mommie!!

She immediately goes on the phone to call her girlfriend to tell her of this weird situation and laugh about it.

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