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The database software (such as SQL Server) supports powerful commands that let you dynamically establish relationships between the tables.For example, you can use the relational database to establish a logical relationship between students and classes in order to create a schedule.In the example, the ID column is the primary key for the address book.With this basic understanding of databases, you're ready to learn how to create a simple database and perform operations such as adding, modifying, and deleting data.

, and you use it to identify each row in the table.Instead, they return a number that tells you how many records were affected by the command.For some of these operations (like inserting and deleting records), the process that's requesting the operation has to have appropriate permissions in the database.Tip Structured Query Language (SQL) SQL is a language that's used in most relational databases for managing data in a database.It includes commands that let you retrieve data and update it, and that let you create, modify, and manage database tables.

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