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I dressed quickly and met my husband as he was backing the car out of the garage.The hotel where I was to meet my date was not far from our house and we arrived early.I hope I get another opportunity to entertain the pilot again before he leaves town. Jackie x Hotwife Blog Profile - Jackie - 2005 Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With Read Jackie’s 2nd Recent Interview Here Search for Jackie on Hotwifeblog - Tons of stories from this Hotwife Connect with Jackie on Hotwife Hub Visit Jackie’s amazing hotwife site here So lovely to hear from the one and only Hotwife Queen Jackie. I’ve been whoring out my wife Jackie for a long time.I love sending and getting text messages from my gf’s dates, how hot are these.. She’s really just a regular housewife and only a part time whore and even though she’s been fucked by many guys over the years, she on occasion still lacks some confidence and is sometimes unsure how she should dress and present herself to her dates. I take her to the hotel and the guy fucks her once or twice that night and they move on.She will place her hand on the guys thigh to get him going if he is shy.That usually perks them up and they go forward fondling her tits and sucking on her nipples after they get her dress off.Jackie always dresses up how Hank wants her and I drive her out to a cheap motel near his work so he can fuck her.Hank doesn’t waste any time, he tells her to take her tits out and he pinches and sucks her nipples then pushes her to her knees and has her pull his big cock out of his pants.

Those guys are a pleasure to deal with for her and for me. She knows what they want, she’s given it to them many times before and it’s easy for her.

The guy has fucked her once and had a good time but now wants something a little different.

Some men are funny in that way, they don’t reveal all their sexual preferences the first time.

My wife will usually get down on her knees, which she knows men love, and unzip the guys pants.

She will take his cock out and begin sucking till he is hard then she moves to the bed and spreads her legs for him playing with her pussy.

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