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We are all united by one passion – riding motorcycles.

While most of our members ride Harley Davidson motorcycles, we welcome other bikes as well.

Cross Island MC -1143 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, New York 11703 – Cross Island was founded in 1950 by a group of enthusiastic riders to plan group rides, sponsor cycling events, promote the sport and generally enjoy each others company.

The meetings are held at the continental Diner on the first and third Tuesday of the month at pm. – Born out of a group of friends who share a common interest in riding.

All our members are hard-working men and women with families and responsibilities.

We are a group of enthusiast of who support many charities, communities and/or events for a good cause.

The color combination of the rockers and patch would also have to be light in nature and not resemble the colors of an outlaw motorcycle group. We exhibit a positive image for all bikers and riders alike.

EMS – Roaddocs RC –The EMS Roaddocs were originated in June 2011.

The initial intent of the group was to form a group of people that wanted to ride together.

BMW Motorcycle Club – Welcome to the BMW Motorcycle Club of the Greater Buffalo – Niagara region.

This club is the #2 Chartered club of the BMWMOA, #340 Chartered club of the BMW RA.

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We are a non-territorial, family oriented organization that supports our family, communities, military, and our country.

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