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Although processing asylum applications is legally the responsibility of the Greek authorities, Greece should not have to shoulder the financial burden of this task alone.

As Europe becomes more inward looking, the refugee crisis is slipping from the headlines and it is becoming easier for other European leaders to avoid sharing this financial responsibility.

The isolation and separation from family that they face reduces their ability to cope with psychological symptoms.

The conditions in the camp also contribute to poor psychological well being, porta-cabins accommodate up to 30 men each, who sleep on blankets on the floor with no privacy.

She was convinced that her urgency to get the family to safety quickly had caused his heart to fail.

Severe trauma cases are seen on a daily basis on Lesbos, the pastoral Greek island currently serving as the front line to Europe’s largest wave of forced migration since the Second World War.

The toilets are regularly unusable and there is often no running water.

The result of this stagnation is that many people have been waiting for more than a year in this ‘first reception camp’.Sadly, psychological care services are lacking, despite the fact that mental health problems are widely acknowledged to carry a significant burden of morbidity amongst refugees.There is a single psychiatrist on the island, and appointments with a psychologist are provided by two NGOs, but the waiting list is 6 months long.In recent months, organizations like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have begun to devote more of their attention to mental-health care, said Angeliki Kardi, one of three psychologists on the IRC staff.While there is no reliable data measuring the frequency of psychological disorders among refugee populations in Europe, a study published last September by the German Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists showed that as many as half of the refugees there suffer from conditions like PTSD or depression.

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However, the asylum and relocation process has also stagnated.

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