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Also geographically the stone formation malady may vary for countries differently.

Apart from Kidneys stones, the process of stone formation can take place in other organs like Gall-Bladder, Tonsils or Urinary Bladder.

I called and spoke to Jessica no less than 6 times during the 3.5 months I've been waiting...

Every time I spoke to her it was about the TWO cushions foam cores that need to be replaced.

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I said to the girl if you want to send the guy back to check out the other cushion that's no problem..said she'd call me if that would be necessary.. so naturally I thought the Brick were going to order two new foam cores...(I think that's what the guy called them). But your man got here with just one inner foam core to replace...

Not ONCE was it ever said "it's only ONE cushion" but what I did hear over and over and over again, 'you know you bought the sofa on sale so were basically doing you a favour in replacing anything" That is totally unacceptable... I repeat I told your girl days after the first cushion was inspected (the only cushion that got sat on maybe half a dozen times) that the other went the same way...

I was in retail sales for over 35 years it never mattered if something was on sale or not...unless it was "as is", the warranty came with the product..I didn't appreciate your people telling me I was "lucky" that the Brick was doing anything... I asked if it was necessary for the guy to come back and check it out and she said she'd let me know if that was necessary...

Normally in such condition patient shows symptoms of Nausea and vomiting, pain can be felt in loins and testicles, pain may subside if passage of urine is free as the same indicates passage of stone through urinal.

In some cases blood may pass as stone gets out of kidneys.

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Let me tell you here that I live alone, I have two things to sit on the couch in question and the power recliner I also bought from your brantford store. I thought the springs had broken after about the 3rd or at most the 4th time I sat on it...

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