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By the way....a picture of my husband's former wife and his children are hanging in my house.That was my husband's life for 35 years and I respect that.He loves his daughter and this is causing problems between us.We are arguing more than ever lately and its all over her. She purposly has excluded me from everything they have done. I don't take it personally - it is just so sad that a daughter cannot sincerely be happy for their father, who is happy in a relationship.It seems to be more important than even the parent's happiness. In my case I have personally helped their father along because he moved into my house that I had already paid for and he was still paying a morgage with his previous wife.Not making "house" payments has helped him be able to invest his money tremendously!My husband son is quite different..treats me much better we just live an hour away from them. They deliberately did things to me and then ran to daddy for him to recognize that it was their stepmother not those pure little girls who did anything. I had an epiphany the other day about how he has never realized that they could be lying or even manipulating him.

Their mother dropped over dead, unexpectantly, in her early 50's. I just feel like an outsider that will never be let in.

Their mother died over 10 years ago and they are still using it as an excuse for their poor judgment and behavior. Probably because the man that I fell in love with had a good heart with good intentions but couldn't get ahold of his children.

The youngest drinks, smokes pot and lies (check out her My Space) but her dad REFUSES to see this because she was in the bed when her mother had a stroke. Starting with the oldest my husband never gave them any tough love so the other two repeated the bad behavior. If you have issues with your stepchildren, get EVERYONE involved and stay involved otherwise boundaries are drawn and guess what?

) and our house is filled with things I (I'd like to stress the word I) paid for before we were married.

Not trying to be nasty here just trying to state the facts!

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We have tried to plan camping outings, some succesfull, but if I try to cook something to help out it is never eaten. We live only 1/2 hr away from the daughter, have always encouraged them to come our house. On our second wedding anniversary his son called (I'm sure he didn't realize it was our anniversary) and asked him to come over because my husband had been wanting him to do some maintance on his truck. When he moved out I was the one that suggested he take both of his adult children to his house (no one else aloowed!

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