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He arrived a few minutes later and introduced Dolly to the stranger — but she couldn’t recall the man’s name. Loveretovich as being approximately 45-50 years old, about 5′ 10″, with blondish brown hair.He was wearing a tan suede jacket with knit ribbing at the collar and cuffs and tan pants.The only decent physical evidence was a pair of eye glasses found at the scene and, if they were lucky, they might be able to ID fingerprints left in blood.Alex Milne, Andy’s roommate, was the next to be questioned by Det. Alex said he was employed as a test pilot by Lockheed in Burbank.Dolly was questioned in detail about the events of the evening of the slaying from the moment that Andy arrived in North Hollywood to pick her up for their date.

The belt ripped away from her dress as she scrambled to get away.What really alarmed Dolly was when the man seemed unable to provide concise directions to his own home.The pretty sales clerk went on to describe what happened after the man had told Andy to park the car.Dolly became uncomfortable during the drive to Whittier because the stranger told conflicting stories about his employment.He had first implied that he owned a pottery business in Santa Ana, then moments later said he was the plant’s supervisor.

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  1. However, Scripture is clear that it doesn't matter if someone has been married or not, sex with someone other than your spouse is still fornication (I Thessalonians 4:3, I Corinthians 6:9).