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I am extremely hesitant to tell women to actually withhold sex from their man, because this kind of behavior can too easily turn into bribery (which, for a relationship, is way more problematic then sexual boredom); but at the same time, I don't think advising women to be a living sex toy is perfect advice either.If I do find a way of quantifying what I think to be the right balance between those two extremes, I will write a new post about it.

But that would only intensify criticism of its treatment of Dr.

United lost 0 million of its value as shares plunged on Wall Street in the wake of the PR disaster.

Dr David Dao has been revealed as the man who was dragged from a United flight in Chicago on Sunday.

He is pictured with his wife, Teresa, and one of their grandchildren.

It was his wife who alerted authorities to his inappropriate relationship with a patient An official report detailed the findings of medical exams performed on Dr Dao and spelled out concerns over his mental state. Dao "lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations, both interpersonally and in a complex profession". Gannon noted a need to control, avoidance, withholding information and magical thinking as problematic.' The father of five, who has won sympathy globally over the incident, was given a suspended jail sentence for illegally obtaining and trafficking controlled substances by fraud and deceit.

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