Sqldatasource updating event not firing

Since tbl Supplier contains each column of datatype string so i need four Text Box here. Now we need to bind four Text Box data with Sql Data Source after clicking on the Add Supplier button.

THE PROBLEM: You are going on your merry way coding a Grid View (not using a SQLData Source or anything, just the database flavor of the day) and you can't get that update link/button to fire off any event, let alone the Row Updating event that you want to fire.How do I reference this in my VB code in the Sql Data Source. How do I reference this in my VB code in the Sql Data Source. NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data. NET 2.0 provide a simple, declarative approach for accessing and modifying data.Set the Data Source plus check Enable Paging, Enable Sorting, Enable Editing & Enable Deleting like below: Now the code of the Grid View looks like below: Now run the project. Our Grid View is now ready for Updating/Editing & Deleting.

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Add(Last Delivery) End Sub Outcome/Objective: Now everything is completed but the problem is if the table has no row in database then the Gridview show nothing. Hope now you can understand why i implement the Grid View1_Row Command in this way.

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