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I love getting messages and having a polite educated adult conversation.

I really like guys putting comments on my gallery pictures and I will always try to follow on from them in the same way.

They reflect my outlook on life - that sex is something to be enjoyed and celebrated.I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, who enjoys going out without a bra in tops that show off my tits and nipples, and not wearing panties under my dress. I love it when he calls me his little slut or filthy whore.I love the excitement and danger of fucking outdoors. My daddy has control over my profile so can see everything .Will do almost anything as long as its sexual especially if its perverted. Physical permanent marks or damage are neither expected nor desired. About me: I am half oriental, 26, quite small and slim, love to read stories and get emails ([email protected]) where I can pretend I am the girl in the story getting abused no matter how rough by someone, both m and f, and getting forced to do whatever they wish.Like to use my imagination about being made to be reluctantly submissive and obedient to men and women who want to use my little body both at the same time.

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