Terminology for older women dating younger men

The problem with this research -- as with so many of such studies -- is that they focus on people who have applied for sex reassignment surgery only.

The gynephilic, woman-loving, F2Ms were found to be more masculine-oriented than the androphilic and bisexual F2Ms. "In this study the two subtypes were indeed found to differ on many characteristics.The Blanchard et al and Goozen et al studies do not tell us much about their erotic fantasies, though.Smith & Co argue that there is little cross dressing going on, but in the few cases they found crossdressing is followed by erotic arousal.She also reported that she had slept with men and very much enjoyed the experience." O'Keefe reports that when Julia was younger she had felt disappointed that she had not been a boy, often passing as a boy and being pleased by that.She had imagined having a penis and said if she had access to male hormones she might have considered taking them. "We are enjoying as part of our rich and varied sex lives fantasy games that involved exploring male energy through homoeroticism and I can do that because I am now powerful as a female." I have found only two other studies of F2Ms that look at the difference between classic transsexuals (in these studies called homosexual -- i.e woman-loving -- transsexuals) and autoandrophilic transsexuals (called nonhomosexual, meaning man-loving and bisexual, transsexuals).

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