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The temperature gradients needed to produce this optical effect are common in the West Texas desert.Glowing gases Still others speculate the Marfa Lights may be caused by the same gases that create the glowing lights associated with swamp gas: phosphine (PH3) and methane (CH4).Needless to say, the food facts for this particular day of feasting are interesting, but kind of gross when considering how much Americans eat on Thanksgiving Day alone. I’ll try and stick to the “everything in moderation” rule, but the way I see it is that Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where you’re supposed to eat too much and just enjoy yourself.So eat to your heart’s content this year and don’t forget to take some snapshots of your favorite foods and post them with #spoonfeed and #Ispoon U!So go ahead, make those maple caramel pretzel bars, and pronounce it however you'd like.

The reason that there are so many different pronunciations of caramel is because of differentiation among accents.It’s been a timeless debate: How do you pronounce caramel?While some people pronounce it “car-mel,” others claim it is pronounced “care-a-mel,” some even claim it is pronounced “car-muhl.” Yet despite all of these different pronunciations, everyone swears that their own is correct. In order to truly understand the correct pronunciation of the word caramel, it’s important to understand where the word came from.Later on, approximately in 1725, the French took the word from the Spanish and the word caramel was born.So yes, our English word is essentially the same as the French word, pronounced "care-a-melle".

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