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In 3D video games, a virtual camera system aims at controlling a camera or a set of cameras to display a view of a 3D virtual world.Camera systems are used in videogames where their purpose is to show the action at the best possible angle; more generally, they are used in 3D virtual worlds when a third person view is required.An early example of this kind of camera system can be seen in Alone in the Dark.While the characters are in 3D, the background on which they evolve has been pre-rendered.One advantage of this camera system is that it allows the game designers to use the language of film.Indeed, like filmmakers, they have the possibility to create a mood through camerawork and careful selection of shots.As opposed to film makers, virtual camera system creators have to deal with a world that is interactive and unpredictable.It is not possible to know where the player's character is going to be in the next few seconds; therefore, it is not possible to plan the shots as a film maker would do.

Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention.In video games, "third-person" refers to a graphical perspective rendered from a fixed distance behind and slightly above the player character.This viewpoint allows players to see a more strongly characterized avatar, and is most common in action games and action adventure games.This type of camera system is an improvement over the tracking camera system.While the camera is still tracking the character, some of its parameters, such as its orientation or distance to the character, can be changed.

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