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Outdoor recreationists have also enjoyed the diversity of activities available to them here.

Mostly marsh and forested wetland, Ellis Bay is a 3,000-acre wet wonderland.

Counties Live Traffic Cams Interactive Map Photo Gallery Unique Gifts Culture Recipes History Landmarks Businesses on the Shore Community Org. Trip Planner Day Trips Weekend Outings Weather Marine Forecast Fishing Report Calendar of Events Guestbook Home Page 7307 Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin, MD 21811 (410) 641-2120 (756 acres.

In Worcester County, 8 miles south of Ocean City Inlet, accessible by Route 50 via MD Route 611.) Maryland's only ocean park has 2 miles of Atlantic Ocean frontage plus marshes on Sinepuxent Bay.

Loss of habitat was thought to be the primary cause.

Today, black duck populations are on the mend and Cedar Island WMA is one of Maryland's best winter habitats for these beautiful birds. The Talbot County side offers 25 acres of land extending upriver from the pier and there is a walking path along the Choptank River and Bolingbroke Creek. The pier is popular for the variety of fish caught including, pearch, striped bass, hard head, sea trout, and catfish.

As a major stop on the Atlantic Flyway, Blackwater is a vital haven for waterfowl, as well as a sanctuary for the threatened American bald eagle, the endangered Delmarva fox squirrel, and the recently delisted peregrine falcon.

White-tailed deer and many other wildlife species also use the area.

Assateague was selected by National Geographic Traveler in 1994 as one of the 10 best state parks in the United States.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge encompasses over 27,000 acres on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore and has been designated a "Wetlands of International Importance" by the Ramsar Convention.

The 13,000 acre property also contains forested wetlands and a 2,800-acre man-made pond or "impoundment." The water insects and crustaceans, as well as the abundance of wigeongrass, horned pondweed and other favorite waterfowl foods makes Deal Island one of the best places in Maryland to watch, photograph and hunt ducks and geese. It was also an area where wildlife biologists experimented with plants and planting arrangements which would most benefit wildlife.

Today, its 1,751 acres of forests, fields and marshes attract and support a multitude of wildlife species.

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Its 200 acres of marsh and forests attract waterfowl and marsh birds.

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